A Boutique Family Law Firm 

Protecting Your Rights And Investments During Divorce

We provide careful, proactive guidance for all clients including high net worth individuals with a variety of assets, such as multiple real estate holdings, private businesses, professional practices and companies, financial portfolios, pensions, art and wine collections, and equine interests.

More Than 100 Years Of Experience On Your Side

Our experienced family law attorneys and paralegal staff attend to all aspects of your divorce with meticulous attention. The emotional turmoil of divorce can make it difficult to collect all the necessary financial information and documents required by the New York State Courts. We assist you every step of the way to produce detailed statements of the family’s budget, assets, liabilities and personal information. These submissions must be accurate, complete and signed under oath. New York State law requires each spouse to provide comprehensive list of banking and financial accounts and institutions, securities, bonds, stocks, life insurance, vehicles, real property, vested interests in trusts, contingent stock options, business interests, professional practices, intellectual property, livestock, collectibles and pets, in short everything you own. Our attorneys thoroughly advise and assist you with this process.

Proper valuations and full accounting are critical to your future. Tensions run high when a spouse refuses to be truthful in this area of your divorce and veils income or assets. When this happens, we have in-depth experience working through highly contentious cases in court. While we do our utmost to create effective settlement agreements through negotiation, it is not always possible. When the other party refuses a fair and just agreement, our strategy moves to more aggressive litigation in the New York State Supreme Courts.

In addition to safeguarding your interests in equitable distribution of marital assets and property, look to Kozek PLLC divorce attorneys to furnish leadership with other quarrelsome matters, including:

  • Child support and spousal support
  • Child custody, visitation and parenting time
  • Post-judgment modifications and enforcement of custody and support obligations

Our lawyers stay close to you, start to finish, and address all your  questions, special needs and concerns. We do whatever we can to protect your rights and the best interests of your children. Let us show you the path to long-term security during this very trying and stressful time in your life.