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Successfully Resolve Your Differences During Separation And Divorce

Collaborative Practice is a method for separating and divorcing couples to engage in dispute resolution outside of the courtroom and without disruptive threats to go to court. Each party is represented by an attorney specifically trained in collaborative practice. Together, parties and professionals will discuss relevant issues and develop settlement agreements in a respectful, non-threatening environment.

In addition to specially trained attorneys, Collaborative Practice often includes neutral third-party specialists such as financial experts, appraisers, child mental health professionals and even divorce coaches for effective communication. At Kozek PLLC, our experienced Collaborative Practice attorneys have successfully helped couples, from modest means to high net-worth, resolve complicated financial matters and achieve mutually beneficial settlements.

We Focus On Your Best Interests

Discussions of compromise with Collaborative Professionals are essential to create an outcome that is reasonably acceptable to both parties. At Kozek PLLC, we intelligently advocate for your best interests while keeping in mind the interests and concerns of all family members, especially your children. Collaborative Practice ensures the best possible chance for:

  • Clear communication in a respectful, supportive environment
  • Rational outcomes
  • Settlement agreements that are truly fair to all parties
  • Opportunities for the children involved to experience a restructured family model demonstrating mutual support from both parents
  • Protection from the psychological trauma and emotional damage to children and to each other often caused by animus and ongoing courtroom battles

Our attorneys are highly regarded for skillfully including our clients’ input and goals into the process as well as our proactive, meticulous attention to detail. Read more about Collaborative Practice by following this link.